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a Vegan Valentine’s with the Conscious Cook

I’ve used the same veg cookbooks for the past few years, so needless to say, my dishes are in desperate need of  change.  Plus, I want to prepare a sinfully delicious dinner for my hubby and me on Valentine’s Day!  So, off to the bookstore…

After scouring over the veggie cookbook section at B&N, I finally decided on Tal Ronnen’s book, the Conscious Cook.   At just over 200 pages,  this book doesn’t go overboard with page after page of seemingly endless recipes.  I don’t know about most people, but for me, I tend to get lost and become a bit indecisive when I have a 1000 recipe cookbook in front on me!  No doubt, the huge (almost dictionary like) cookbooks are great, but there are times when  smaller is better.  And that’s exactly what attracted me to Tal Ronnen’s, the Conscious Cook.

I plan on spending the evening looking over each recipe and putting together a 4-course, vegan gourmet dinner menu for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day!  I’ll be posting my menu plan with the outcome early next week.  Until then, I hope everyone has a lovely, vegan-friendly Valentine’s Day!!


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